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Bible Lessons Kids BUNDLE | Stories of Jesus | Primary and Sunday School

Bible Lessons Kids BUNDLE | Stories of Jesus | Primary and Sunday School

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Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey through nine captivating stories featuring Jesus? This bundle brings the timeless tales of faith, compassion, and miracles to life for your little ones. Perfect for Sunday school, home, or any educational setting, this bundle offers a comprehensive resource for children aged 4 to 8.

What's Included:

1. Jesus Walks on Water: Marvel at the miraculous moment when Jesus defies the laws of nature and walks on water.

2. The Good Shepherd: Discover the heartwarming story of Jesus as the caring and protective shepherd.

3. Jesus Is Baptized: Witness the significant event of Jesus' baptism, symbolizing new beginnings and divine purpose.

4. Jesus in The Temple: Follow Jesus as he imparts wisdom in the temple, leaving a lasting impression on all who listen.

5. Jesus Heals a Woman and Raises a Dead Girl: Experience the compassion of Jesus as he heals a suffering woman and performs a miracle by raising a dead girl.

6. Jesus Heals A Blind Man: Be inspired by the story of Jesus restoring sight to a blind man, showcasing his miraculous healing power.

7. Jesus Calms The Storm: Join Jesus and his disciples as they navigate through a storm, revealing the calming power of faith.

8. Jesus And The Miraculous Catch of Fish: Witness the awe-inspiring moment when Jesus orchestrates a miraculous abundance of fish, showcasing his divine provision. 

What's Included in Each Story:

- Teacher's Script: A step-by-step guide to lead you through each lesson with clear instructions.

- Interactive Activities: Engage kids with thoughtfully designed activities linked to each story, creating a memorable learning experience.

- Visual Aids: Carefully crafted visuals, including story posters, to enhance comprehension and serve as valuable reminders.

This user-friendly, affordable, and downloadable bundle grants instant access to meaningful and impactful Sunday school lessons. Illuminate the life and teachings of Jesus for your little learners, leaving a lasting impression on their hearts and minds!

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