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Map Skills Worksheets | Social Studies Activities

Map Skills Worksheets | Social Studies Activities

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By combining hands-on activities, playful games, and inspiring projects, these projects empower young minds to think critically, express their creativity, and grasp the concept of maps in an exciting and meaningful way. Whether working independently or collaboratively, kids will build essential skills while having a fantastic time on their journey through the world of maps!

What's Inside:

  • Interactive guides and materials to understand and create a map key.
  • Engaging lessons on how towns change over time
  • An entertaining town builder game with cards to spark creativity.
  • Project supplies to craft your own map that showcases town evolution.
  1. Map-Making Made Easy: Dive into the world of maps as you learn how to create your very own! This kit includes step-by-step guides and playful activities that introduce you to using a key to decode symbols on a map. Discover the magic behind map legends and learn how to find your way using these special clues.
  2. Exploring Town Changes: Have you ever wondered how towns transform over time? With this adventure kit, you'll dive into this exciting topic. Explore the evolution of towns and cities as you uncover historical changes and modern developments. Discover how buildings, roads, and landmarks can change a place's identity and story.
  3. Town Builder Game: Get ready to put your creativity to the test with this fun and educational game! Draw cards to add various elements to your own imaginary town map. Watch as your town takes shape with houses, parks, schools, and more. Work individually or as a group to bring your collective ideas to life on paper.
  4. Individual Projects: After learning about keys, town changes, and playing the town builder game, it's time to put your newfound skills to work! Individually or as a group, tackle a fascinating map-making project. Use your imagination to design a map that shows the growth of a town over time. Highlight key landmarks and tell the story of your town's development.
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margaret miller
Map Skills

Was looking for a fun but challenging map lesson for my class. This fit the bill. It is very engaging.

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