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EDITABLE Student Led Conferences Form | Parent Teacher Conference Forms

EDITABLE Student Led Conferences Form | Parent Teacher Conference Forms

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Are you looking for a practical and effective tool to help your students take charge of their own learning and growth? Look no further! My EDITABLE Student Led Conferences Form for Parent Teacher Conference are designed to empower students to self-assess their performance and understanding in various subjects, including Language Arts, Phonics, Math, Science, Social Studies, and even their behavior.


There is also a teacher version included that will allow you to compare your notes to where students think they are at! This makes it super easy to have discussions during the conference.



Key Features:

1. Common Core Alignment: My rubrics are carefully crafted to align with the Common Core State Standards, ensuring that they support your curriculum and educational objectives.

2. Subject Variety: With rubrics available for Language Arts, Phonics, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Behavior Evaluation, you have a comprehensive toolkit at your disposal.

3. Kid-Friendly Design: These rubrics are tailored for young learners with simplified language and easy-to-understand categories. They're thoughtfully designed to encourage self-assessment and reflection.

4. Easy to Print and Use: Printing and implementing these rubrics is a breeze. No complicated setup required; just print and hand them out to your students.

5. Directions Included: Each set of rubrics comes with clear and concise directions for both students and parents. I provide scripts on how to introduce the rubrics to students and how to involve parents in the assessment process.

6. Tips for Success: I've included valuable tips to help you and your students make the most of these rubrics. From effective self-assessment strategies to goal setting, these tips will guide you on the journey to student-centered learning.


Why Choose My Simplified Rubrics?

  • Empower Students: Encourage your students to take ownership of their learning by assessing their performance and setting goals for improvement.
  • Parent Involvement: Foster a stronger connection between parents and their child's education. My rubrics come with guidance on how to involve parents in the assessment process effectively.
  • Efficient and Effective: These rubrics are user-friendly and save teachers time in grading and assessment. They promote meaningful feedback and goal setting.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Cover multiple subjects and even behavior evaluation, ensuring a holistic approach to student development.


Invest in your students' growth and make learning more engaging and interactive. My Simplified Common Core Aligned Rubrics for Kids provide a structured framework for self-assessment, goal setting, and continuous improvement in an easy-to-implement format. Elevate your teaching and your students' learning journey with these invaluable tools. Order now and watch your students thrive!

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